While remote working is often synonymous with being at home, it can also mean working out of a local coworking or shared space, like Essex Suites.

Moving towards more flexible work policies doesn’t mean that the office won't be necessary. On the contrary, it will still be key to conducting collaborative meetings and staying connected with colleagues.

This is good news for those who have experienced the downsides of strictly working from home throughout the pandemic. Many people do not have the resources, tools or privacy to conduct business efficiently at home, and that can be incredibly stress-inducing.

“If you’ve ever experienced a day filled with interrupted and inefficient calls, while working at home, it can feel exhausting and frustrating.

A recent survey found that company budgets may shift away from working in the corporate office or working at home, and towards accommodating a better employee experience. That may mean budgeting funds for Office alternatives, such as shared work spaces, close to home.

Working near home without distractions and interruptions, and having appropriate technology available for collaborative meetings and colleague connection. It means that companies can better meet sustainability goals, while also helping workers achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Essex Suites offers the work-life balance solution in a professional, quiet, safe environment, close to home.
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