Welcome to Essex Suites, a coworking community in Verona (Montclair area), New Jersey.

About Essex Suites

Essex Suites was established in 2020 by Jack O'Connell and Joshua Kahr.

As with many businesses, it grew out of a genuine need.

Jack and Josh were looking for office space for their business. They found that the options were limited. They either had to rent substandard space with a long term lease, or rent serviced office space that lacked charm and amenities for an unreasonable price.

They launched Essex Suites with one goal in mind; to create an entrepreneurial community for startups, small businesses, and independent professionals to thrive in together.


Essex Suites' high-quality office space combines quality amenities with an on-site community manager and a simple pricing structure for an easy and professional experience for all members and their guests.


Essex Suites manages its members' real estate needs so members can spend more of their time where it matters most.

We are located at 25 Pompton Avenue, Suite 101 in Verona, New Jersey.

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